Yoga Helps Improve Health(योग स्वास्थ्य ) Yoga helps improve health of your body, mind, and soul. Yoga develops the synchronization yoga between your body and mind. When your body and mind will get united then you can experience your existence in this world. If you want to feel your existence in this world and want to unite your body, mind, and soul then practice yoga. Yoga as exercise is a modern phenomenon which has been influenced by the ancient Indian practice of. Yoga helps improve health involves holding stretches as a kind of low-impact physical exercise, and is often used for therapeutic purposes. Yoga in this sense often occurs in a class and may involve meditation, imagery, breath work and music. Both the meditative and the exercise components of hatha yoga have been researched for both specific and ‎non-specific fitness and health benefits. Hatha yoga has been studied as an intervention for many conditions, including back pain, stress, and depression. A survey released in December 2008 by the US yoga found that hatha yoga was the sixth most common integrative health approach amongst adults in the United States during 2007, with an estimated six percent of the population participating. To practice yoga in the pleasant environment of Rishikesh you can join 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program (YTTC) which is conducted by one of the best and Registered Yoga School (RYS), for more visit Yoga Vedanta at Rishikesh- Yoga capital of the world. This training program is mainly for the beginners. Here you will get the chance to practice yoga under the guidance of experienced instructors as Yogi Anand, Yogi Mohan Uniyal etc. and in the pleasant environment of Rishikesh. For more information about this yoga school, you can visit us at-http://yoga-vedanta.in
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Our Latest Update